The complete kitchen management solution.

Galley makes food production easy and intuitive. With our complete suite of tools built to save your organization time and money.

The first recipe based ERP platform.

data driven kitchen

Galley takes an entirely different approach to building kitchen software, that our customers have said is the “only right way”. We focus on the core data of a food operation: recipes and ingredients, then build beautiful and easy-to-use tools to empower chefs, not accountants, to provide and maintain the data that matters most.

Taking our approach guarantees that your data stays up-to-date and relevant, providing a solid foundation to build on with supporting features like inventory management and purchasing. Galley is with you every step of the way, helping you save time and money.

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Control trim yields, create custom units and convert anything with ease, Galley give you more power over your process than any other platform.


Scale and Cost recipes in real time with ease. R&D quickly with versioning.


Introducing a new menu item? Galley can tell you the cost and nutrient profile of a dish before food prep begins.


Don't let overproduction, expiration, and spoilage hurt your bottom line. Galley gives you control of your inventory and allows you to manage waste with ease.


Galley learns your purchasing preferences over time and makes it possible to order entire menus with just two clicks.

Simplifying the process.

one platform for all your needs

Keep your kitchen simple. From recipe R&D to purchasing, we have a single platform that can help seamlessly connect all facets of your operation. All in one easy-to-use, browser-based solution.schedule a demo with a Galley Solutions Expert™

Food cost management

Make your menus more profitable. Real time recipe and menu costing lets you know your margin before the first ingredient is prepped.

Integrated inventory™

Get real-time insights into your on-hand inventory. Knowing what you have, makes it easier to get what you need.


Put purchasing on auto-pilot. Galley knows what you have on hand and what you need to order to execute your menu.


Nesting recipes within recipes let you create dishes accurately and efficiently. Cross-utilization of those recipes helps you save money by reducing waste.

Run your business by the numbers.

solutions built to save time and money

Our customers have reduced expenses by using Galley to help run their kitchens. Let a Galley Solutions Experts™ help you explore which of our products can help your business save money and run more efficiently.schedule a demo with a Galley Solutions Expert™


Galley can automate about 35% of your employees time, saving you real money.


One login gives you access to all the digital tools you need to run your food business.


We’re not successful unless you are. Try Galley for 90 days with our full money back guarantee.

Menu optimization.

Get those new dishes plated! We can help you drive innovative new dishes or menus with real time costing, to help your operation seize new opportunity.

Galley works with you.

cloud based

Galley can go with your team. This cloud-based interface allows your team to interact and contribute from anywhere, at any time.

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